Your heating system accounts for 40% to 60% of your energy bill, so choosing the right furnace can provide you with significant long-term energy savings:

  • an old, standard-efficiency gas furnace typically operates at 60% seasonal efficiency: 60% of the heat generated is used, and the remaining 40% goes up the chimney
  • with a mid-efficiency furnace, only 20% of the heat is lost
  • with our high-efficiency furnace, there is only a 3% heat loss – think of the energy savings!

And a high-efficiency heating system results in less impact on the environment.

If you’re considering replacing your energy-guzzling furnace, our experts have the required certifications and experience to help you find and install the perfect energy-efficiency heating system, and to review with you the overall costs – and savings – over the lifetime of your new equipment.

We offer financing options. And for your existing equipment we also offer service, repairs and maintenance.

Call us and talk to a climate expert to learn more about energy savings and ultimate heating comfort.