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Simcoe’s choice for a trustworthy team of HVAC contractors is D&B ClimateCare. We’ve served the region since 1981 and rely on positive word of mouth and excellent service quality to maintain our positive reputation.

Quality HVAC Products and Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

D&B is proud to provide a wide range of products and services for Simcoe home and business owners, offering the following from our experienced team:

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Don’t Trust Door-to-Door Sales! Call Us!

There are many door-to-door sales agents promising great savings on furnaces. These savings may seem hard to believe – and they should be. Don’t be fooled. Here are a few of the tricks you should watch out for:

  • Sales agents dressed like a technician or representative from another well-established and credible company
  • Implying they represent your current utility
  • Signing you up for a long-term contract at rental rates higher than others, while claiming to be saving you money
  • Telling you your furnace isn’t energy efficient

The front door of your home is no place to make an important decision like this. Come to us when you’re ready to talk and we’ll walk you through the features and price options. No pressure, no hassle.

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