Smart thermostats are a tool every homeowner can use. Also known as a connected or communicating thermostat, they are designed to help homeowners create automatic and programmable temperatures to save energy. They work based on your schedule and using sensors can even tell when someone enters or leaves the room. 

A smart thermostat you can control from your phone allows you to improve your energy efficiency while enjoying home comfort all year round. Changing to a smart thermostat offers many benefits including reducing the amount of money you waste on energy. Here are six reasons you should buy a smart thermostat you can control remotely.

Remote Control Home Thermostat From Anywhere  

Regardless of the time of year or temperature, you can control the temperature of your home from anywhere. If you are away for a few days on business, you can keep track of the weather and make adjustments if there are unexpected temperature changes. For example in the winter, if you are worried about sudden drops that put your pipes at risk of freezing, you can turn the temperature up slightly to reduce that risk.

Adjust Temperatures When the Unexpected Happens

Although you can set your thermostat via a schedule to reduce energy waste when you aren’t home, you never know when your schedule might change. For example, you might get off work early, the kids might have a cancelled team practice, or someone might come homesick.  

Regardless of the scenario, you want them to come home to the ideal temperature. You can adjust the temperature so that by the time you get home, your home is comfortable. You never have to wait for the temperatures to adjust because you never have to worry about manually resetting the thermostat when you get home. 

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Perfect Timing

Setting the perfect temperature based on your schedule can be fine-tuned so when you arrive home everything is perfect. The thermostats are programmed to come on a few minutes before you arrive. In fact, you can even use the remote control to let your thermostat know you are on your way.


Many smart thermostats have sensors that tell when someone enters a room. As a result, you never waste energy heating or cooling an empty room. The rooms throughout the home are optimized based on use without you ever having to lift a finger. Having one thermostat to control multiple units saves even more on your energy bills.

Household Patterns

Smart thermostats really are smart, having programming features that allow them to read household patterns. As a result, they “learn” to recognize your preferences, can tell when you are home, and also learn to make automatic adjustments using past manual adjustments you have made as reference. They track your behaviour and anticipate needs automatically, heating and cooling to the level you find comfortable.


Last but not least, the remote energy management thermostat monitors energy use and provides reports on patterns. This will help you understand your energy use, which allows you to spot opportunities to reduce waste and adjust your programming to improve efficiencies. 

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