You depend on your air conditioner to keep you comfortable in the heat of the summer. If the dreaded moment comes when you are in desperate need of cooling, but your AC just isn’t responding, it can help to know a bit about troubleshooting air conditioner problems. Here we offer air conditioning FAQs to help with your central air troubleshooting. 

Why is No Cold Air Coming From the AC? 

When no cold air is coming from your AC there are a few potential causes: 

  • Dirty filters: Check filters to see if they are clogged with dust. This can interfere with effective air cooling and airflow. If it’s dirty replace it and remember to do so every month or so throughout the summer to improve performance. 
  • Frozen evaporator: The evaporator coil contains the refrigerant needed to absorb heat. If you see ice on your evaporator, this is most likely the cause of warm air. Interestingly, dirty air filters can be the cause, so you can change the filter, give the system some time to adjust, and then go back and see if the ice is gone. If the new filter doesn’t work, it’s time to check the condenser. 
  • Condenser: The condenser is located on your outdoor unit. It is responsible for discharging the hot air your system removes from your home. Check to see if it is free of debris and overgrowth from the garden. Ideally, your compressor needs to be clear from obstructions with at least a meter of space between it and plants or structures like fences. Also, the clearance above should be at least 1.5 meters.   

If none of these tricks work call your HVAC expert. 

Why is my AC Not Turning On? 

If your air conditioner simply does not turn on, this is not necessarily an issue with the unit itself. Instead, it is more likely related to a lack of power. Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers at your power source. If this isn’t the issue, it could be related to loose wiring or a thermostat issue that is keeping the unit from turning on. 

How Come My Entire Home is Cool Except for One Room? 

The only explanation for a single room not being cooled is improper airflow. This can be related to something as simple as the room’s vent being shut or covered. First, make sure vents are open and remove obstructions. If this isn’t the problem, You can check for issues on exposed ducts such as tears or seals that have come loose. You can try to repair these issues with trusty duct tape. If this still doesn’t work, it’s time for a duct inspection or cleaning.   

Why Is My Home Not as Cool as Last Summer? 

Sometimes you forget to change the setting on your thermostat in the spring, which can mean your AC isn’t cooling temperatures the way you’d like. If it feels warmer than usual, check your thermostat settings to make sure it is set at the right levels. You might also have your thermostat in a less than ideal room where it tends to stay cooler, like a north-facing room. This room will read cooler, so the thermostat will take longer to kick in as your whole house begins to heat up. Also, if your AC unit keeps turning on and off, this means your home can’t cool down. It also means you have a thermostat issue. 

Why Is There a Strange Smell From AC And Noise Coming From The AC Compressor? 

The best way to determine the cause of smells and noise is to arrange for an annual AC inspection by an HVAC technician in the spring.  

Are you looking to speak with an HVAC expert to discuss the problems regarding your air conditioner? Contact our team today. 

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