How to Get the Most from Your Air Conditioner this Summer

Summer officially starts more than a month from now. Maybe somebody needs to tell summer that. It’s already hot out there!

air conditioner service

This is expected to be a hotter-than-normal summer, so you can expect to run your air conditioner more than you did last year. That usually means higher-than-normal monthly energy bills.

But it doesn’t have to. If you have the time, these tips can help reduce your air conditioning bill while you keep cool this summer.

Upgrade to a smart thermostat

Old manual and programmable thermostats don’t give your family the control it needs to stay cool and save cash in the summer.

Smart Wi-Fi thermostats reduce your cooling bill by an average of 23% (according to ecobee). How?

  • Manual thermostats work to maintain a steady temperature all day and night.
  • Programmable thermostats are complicated rarely reliable. Most homeowners with programmable thermostats use them just like manual thermostats.

As your family comes and goes, a smart thermostat learns when the house is occupied and when it’s not.

Eventually, it knows:

  • The right times to adjust the temperature (when everyone’s home for dinner)
  • When to go into money-saving and energy-saving mode (when everyone’s at work, school or sleeping).

And since your smart thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled, you can adjust the temperature anytime, anywhere, with an intuitive app on your smartphone.

Find those drafts

In older homes, the cool air from your home cooling system can seep outside through:

  • Old door seals.
  • Cracked window seals.
  • Insufficient attic insulation.

window draftTake an hour or so to find any sources of air leakage and make a plan to fix it.

Stand outside your home and run your hand along any accessible windows and doors. Some gaps will be obvious (especially if you stand outside at night and turn on the interior lights), others are tough to spot.

If you find a gap in one area, don’t just fix that section. A gap between your back door and the door frame, for example, should spur you to fix the caulking and weather stripping entirely. It’s worth the time and effort.

Book your spring service

When was your last AC maintenance visit?

AC care keeps your unit running smoothly and reliably all season long.

The better it works, the less money you spend using it.

Before the heat arrives, book your annual tune-up and know you did everything reasonable to avoid an expensive air conditioner repair down the line.

Want to go all out? Here are other money-saving tips

By making some simple changes around the house, you’ll spend less on cooling without sacrificing any comfort.

  • Close blinds and curtains whenever you leave the house – the beaming sun heats up the house through your windows. Keep it dark while you’re out.
  • Run your ceiling fans counter-clockwise – the breeze cools you down, so you don’t have to set the thermostat so low.
  • Use the BBQ most nights – the stove and oven generate extra heat. Plus, you only get to cook outdoors a few months of the year, so take advantage of it!
  • Mount your thermostat in a better location – the thermostat should be away from large windows and in a room your family uses often. Place it on an interior wall rather than exterior.

Start saving today

It’s already clear this summer will be hot and dry.

You don’t want to have to decide between running the AC or saving your money this year.

Follow the tips in this blog and you can enjoy both, but don’t wait until the first official day of summer.

Contact us today to schedule your maintenance visit so you know your AC is ready to handle the heat this summer throws at it.

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