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Having a few extra cans of paint around just makes sense for those touch-ups you’ll have to do down the road. However, it isn’t a wise idea to put the extra paint in your furnace room. The furnace generates heat and mixing that with different items you might want to store in the furnace room is a recipe for danger. Discover what you shouldn’t store near your furnace, and why.

Why Can’t You Store Paint Near Your Furnace?

Why can’t you place your paint cans near the furnace? It can create a few different problems. Paints can be combustible, so storing them near your furnace increases your risk of fire. They also contain solvents and chemicals that may become dangerous when exposed to high heat, especially for a long time.

How far from the furnace can you store paint? Outside of the room is best. So long as there is a wall between your furnace and the paint, you should be good.

Safety matters. Be sure to not store any paint in your furnace room. To learn more about furnace safety and what you can do to keep your family safe, contact our team at D & B ClimateCare today.

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What Can’t You Store in the Furnace Room?

At a minimum, all storage around the furnace should be at least 30 inches away from the furnace itself. Furnaces need proper airflow to work properly. Restricting airflow can be dangerous, and it can also undermine the efficiency of the furnace.

However, some items should not be in the furnace room no matter what. These items might be unsafe near heat, and might increase your odds of a fire. Things you shouldn’t store in the furnace room include:

  • Laundry: From clothing to clotheslines, laundry should not be near your furnace. It may dry faster there, but it is also a safety hazard.
  • Cleaning products: All kinds of cleaning products may have chemical components that can cause a fire or react to heat and create a safety hazard.
  • Gasoline: Of course, gasoline is flammable and should not be anywhere near your furnace room.
  • Wood: Wood for your fireplace, for construction, or for hobbies should not be stored near your furnace. This includes wood furniture, frames, décor, and more.
  • Paper products: Loose newspaper, books, and other paper products are flammable and should not be in the furnace room.
  • Filters: It is tempting to store old and unused furnace filters in the furnace room for sheer convenience. On the other hand, the filters are a fire risk, especially used ones with dust and hair in them.
  • Kitty litter: Kitty litter releases a chemical that can wear away at your furnace’s heat exchanger. Keep the box and the bagged litter well away from your furnace.

Have you checked your furnace room lately? If you are not sure what should and shouldn’t be in your furnace room, give our experts a call today!

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