Spring Cleaning Your HVAC System Needs This Year

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Spring cleaning is one of those traditions most people grudgingly take part in. A winter of hibernating with the windows closed leaves the house in need of a serious refreshing, but that means a lot of annoying chores.

It’s easy to run out of steam when maintenance on the air conditioner, ducts or furnace come around.

But before you skip HVAC maintenance for another year, think of these three major reasons to keep the HVAC system at the top of your spring cleaning list.

The hidden expenses of home ownership.

The increased energy efficiency regular spring cleaning for your air conditioner or furnace brings is a welcome help to most families.

  • Buildup inside your furnace or air conditioner can represent approximately 30% of a cooling or heating bill.
  • Leaks in your ducts can add 20% or more.
  • Low refrigerant adds another 20% or more in cooling energy for your air conditioner.

Most families opt for a maintenance visit around the start of an HVAC season. Entering the spring, an air conditioner maintenance visit makes sure the winter hasn’t been too hard on your cooling unit. Closer to the fall, a furnace maintenance appointment brushes the cobwebs off your heating system for the winter.

Do your family a favour and get all the money savings annual maintenance provides.

Sign up for a maintenance plan and we’ll keep track of your maintenance schedule so you don’t have to.

How does your family handle allergies?

two stage furnace simcoeAllergens are probably caked to the walls of your ductwork, making it all the worse when new allergens work their way in this spring.

Your furnace air filter captures some, but it’s not 100% effective. Especially if you don’t replace your filter regularly. As all the particles land on the coils in your air handling unit, they combine with moisture in the area to form a layer of grime that’s tough to get off.

Then you have problems with mold and bacteria. If you don’t do something about it, your family breathes it all day and night.

Some airborne particles continue along to your ducts, sticking there even after your normal furnace or air conditioner maintenance is performed.

We tell most customers to keep up with regular furnace and AC maintenance annually, and spring for duct cleaning every 2-3 years.

Get ready.

Spring and summer weather isn’t all that far off (spring is only a week away, in fact!) but it won’t be long before you need your air conditioner for round the clock cooling.

It’s always better to prevent a problem with your HVAC system than to repair it. Maintenance might not avoid every issue your HVAC system can encounter, but you substantially reduce your potential for a repair bill with every maintenance visit.

The team at D&B ClimateCare is here to help. Book annual maintenance for your air conditioner or furnace today to make sure it’s ready to run efficiently the next time you power it up.

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