6 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Green Home

You have probably heard before that conserving energy is essential. By doing this as a homeowner, not only will you be cutting costs, but also contributing to the preservation of the planet. Global warming is becoming more predominant, and its effects are quite detrimental.

As a property owner, you can do your part by limiting how and when you use utilities in your home. Due to the high demands for energy, it is becoming even more pivotal to conserve. Here are some energy-efficient home improvements you can make to help you become more eco-friendly.

1 – Change Over to LED Lights

The old bulbs you have in your home are likely playing a role in your high utility costs. By making a switch from incandescent bulbs to LED energy-efficient ones, you can reduce your energy consumption. LED bulbs use up to 10% less power, making it a remarkable switch that significantly plays a role in decreasing energy expenses.

2 – Light Automation & Sensors

Having a lighting system that is automated and regulated by sensors is very beneficial. It enables you to have more control over how energy is used in your home. It ensures that light is used only when it is required. The addition of sensors with this system ensures lighting is turned on upon entry into a room and turned off as you exit.

3 – Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is designed to regulate temperatures based on programmed settings. It offers precise temperature control to maximize comfort as these systems learn your heating and cooling cycle and adapt accordingly. This smart technology provides you versatility and responds to how you use energy and saves you money.

4 – Proper Insulation

The cracks, gaps and open crevices by your doors and windows are likely contributing to your high energy bills. Poor attic insulation can be impactful as well. Hence, filling these openings, performing attic upgrades and installing proper insulation can improve the outcome of your utility bills.

5 – Clean or Replace Air Filters

For your air filter to operate efficiently, you must clean or replace it regularly. Failing to do so leads to a restriction of airflow. Dirt hinders the movement of air through the unit. As a result, this restriction forces HVAC systems to exert more energy in an effort to compensate for the lack of power. Dirty filters can cause a significant increase in your energy bills.

6 – Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Laundry Room

Of the various energy-efficient home improvements, another one you can implement right away is changing the temperature you use to wash your laundry. Washing clothes in cold water has a notable influence on your energy costs.

A high percentage of energy used by washers stems from heating water. So, choosing to wash your clothes in warm, preferably cold water can vastly decrease utility expenses. Furthermore, choosing to do laundry during non-peak hours, such as after 7 pm, can also improve costs.

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