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Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or you need a new furnace, you might be wondering – are high efficiency furnaces worth it? The quick and easy answer is yes, absolutely.

A high-performance and efficient furnace is a great example of the four benefits associated with an energy efficient home:

• Reduced electrical costs
• Energy savings
• Designed to last
• Reduces your overall carbon footprint.

New HVAC tech is here and you should have it in your home

Like most technology, HVAC tech is always evolving. The newest HVAC tech has many benefits to you and your home. As mentioned above, switching to new HVAC tech will cut down on the amount of energy used in your home. Most HVAC products have been designed with this purpose in mind.

But saving energy isn’t the only benefit of new HVAC technology. New HVAC systems help families create greener homes. Less energy attributes to a reduction in your carbon footprint, which is good for everyone. These positive benefits also turn into cost savings on your hydro bill. Having high efficiency products in your home just makes sense.

green home energy efficient

A few examples of HVAC products and energy efficiency


New high efficiency furnaces are completely state-of-the-art. This includes motors that reduce electrical demand and operating costs, as well as computer boards that offer high-level self-diagnostic and two-stage heating.

Ductless cooling

Ductless cooling is the way to go for homes that may not have the space for bulky ductwork. This system uses an outdoor compressor that cools the air into the indoor unit, which then keeps you cool. The unit in your home is quiet and barely noticeable. This is a far step away from the window shakers of years past.

If you want answers to questions about energy efficiency around your home or are wondering if high efficiency furnaces are worth it then make sure you contact the heating and cooling professionals at D&B ClimateCare.

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